Wednesday, June 29, 2011

G'Hu & Stel

Hey everyone, it's G'Hu, the Green Lantern Classics figure that's actually a Green Lantern Movie Masters figure but you had to buy even if you just wanted the comic accurate figures because it was the only way to get the last part of the Stel build a figure. Seriously, the number of these G'Hu figures on e-bay sans the BAF part is insane. The main problem of course is that it's a Movie Masters figure, with all that entails, trying to pass itself off in a Classics line. So the coloring, design, and articulation don't match at all. And to top it off this is a Movie Master of an unimportant background character, so hooray, he has even less importance to the average comic book or Green Lantern fan. Great work picking the characters fans want, Mattel. The figure itself is fine if you like the Movie Masters Green Lantern alien designs, or the weird articulation which is basically a series of cut joints at various points on the body.

I only got this one for the Stel BAF part... and that would also probably explain the high number of these figures I found at Wal-Marts across California where the Stel BAF piece had been ripped from the packaging, taped up, and Wal-Mart was trying to sell the figure sans part for full price. 4 Wal-Marts I saw this at! So that's 4 out of 4 Wal-marts I checked, for a 100% rate!

But after collecting the other 5 parts, I knew I had to get the 6th. So really I was paying for the arm and the G'Hu figures was the bonus accessory. I love how Stel towers over the other figures in this series. Like I said with Arkilo, it gives the line a sense of varying sizes and differences to the many aliens in the alien space cops.

Current Corps Toys owned
Green Lanterns: 9
Sinestro Corps: 4
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1
Black Lanterns: 1


  1. Well worth buying all those GLs to build Stel he looks awesome.

  2. Stel is swell! But I bought most of his parts on eBay...and now those GLs are on sale around here. I'm worried I'm going to end up with a Stel and a half...

  3. LOOKING FOR UPPER AND MIDDLE TORSO.(hint hint) if anyone interested in sell and/trade.I have an extra RIGHT LEG and an extra LEFT LEG...FYI