Friday, June 24, 2011

Katma Tui

Basically I picked up this character to build up the ranks of my Green Lantern Corps figures. I'm on a kick right now, so an original Green Lantern DCUC scale character is a no-brainer. Unless it looks stupid. I'm looking at you Movie Masters figures.

The most notable fact about Katma Tui is that she's John Stewart's dead wife. But back when she was alive she had a different characterization. Yes, back then Katma Tui was John Stewarts alien wife. So hooray progress?

But I remember her from the time she out in a Green Lantern commune on Earth after the Crisis. She's also one of the rare female members of the Rainbow Corps that they've made a toy of.

I don't know if this is just my figure, but I'm finding her torso hinge to be stuck and effectively useless. Kind of annoying. On the plus side she comes with constructs: a shield and a sword with spikes on the hilt where for no obvious reason.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 4
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1

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