Monday, January 5, 2015

Minimate Monday: Big Bang Theory

They made minimates of the main cast of Big Bang Theory. All 7 cast members over 2 sets of 4, with variants of breakout character Sheldon in each set. I'm a minor fan of the show, but the chance to own a Mayim Bialik minimate is too tempting to ignore. Also, the acessories! 

Hands holding Chinese food, chopsticks, and sodas! Build-a-couch... Actually, the couch is weird. The back of the packages say to collect both sets to create the couch, but each set has a full 3 seated couch but it's designed to be modular so you can combine the 2 couches however you want.

The minimate designs are actually pretty great likenesses of the actors. And the clothing is very well designed. Even if I hated the show I could use these as nerd/civilian minimates.

These are Entertainment Earth exclusives, but I was able to save a few dollars and pay no shipping by getting them on e-bay. Hopefully that didn't screw up the chance for future series.

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  1. Well, I do hate Big Bang Theory, but these figures are awesome. They can be the tech-guys/girls the heroes are always asking for help :D