Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Head swaping fish man

If you remember, I got a Hal Jordan figure in the lot I picked up from eBay. But since I hate Hal Jordan I took off his head so I could put another figure's head on it. Since then I haven't found any heads that would make it work, but the other day I realized that I actually did. In fact I got it just a little bit before I got Hal Jordan.

If you'll remember the Naut Kei Loi figure came with an alternate Medphyll head, but I preferred the Naut Kei Loi head. I've been looking for a cheap new body to put the Medphyll head on, but then I realized, hey, why not just use the Hal Jordan body.

Well because Medphyll is shown in the comics to have the two toed feet from the Naut Kei Loi/Medphyll figure. But then again, Naut Kei Loi is a character I have no familiarity with, so I figured, screw it Medphyll can have the two toes and I'll put Naut Kei Loi's head on the Jordan body.

And it all worked out swell. Even if Naut Kei Loi is a bit shiny... but you know I bet that works to his advantage on a fish world.

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