Sunday, July 31, 2011

buyer's remorse for the last weekend of July

There are two Targets in my city. Sadly they're locally known as the rich people's Target and the poor people's Target. I pretty much live across the street from the poor people's Target. They're toy aisle right now is in poor shape. Bare shelves with occassional common peg warmers. So today I decided to checkk out the rich people's Target and of course they've got all the new toys. Batman Legacy, Mario Kart K'Nex,, Young Justice, Assassin's Creed 4 inch figures, Monster High playsets... So much stuff.

So I ended up spending more than I usually do. And of course now I have buyer's remorse. What will I keep? What will I return?

Incidentally, let me just say about the Mario Kart tracks, I wish I had known that the tracks would come with cars and figures. I probably could have saved a lot of money. On the other hand all the tracks come with motorized cars that require batteries rather than the pull back motors from the stand alone sets. And I hate toys that REQUIRE batteries. But the carts are included and that makes the price go up, way up. So I wouldn't be shocked if I don't get that many tracks. I basically got this expansion track because it can be turned into a complete track for the pull back cars and because it was the cheapest.


  1. Wow, that Young Justice packaging looks way too big.

  2. You can't see it in the picture, but each one comes with a plastic diorama/playset that's fricking big. Like Marvel Select diorama big.

  3. You will not be dissapointed with the imaginext not dino rider here is a review I did.

  4. Infact just got my second tonight I have them all but the T-rex and Triceratops, the only one you may want to skip is the Pterodactyl the don is great and the harness and head gear are as well, but the harnes only hangs over the shoulders with no second attachment point and the helmet is loose.