Monday, July 4, 2011

US Agent

US Agent is like the version of Captain America the way people who don't like America think Captain America should act. Essentially he's like every 80s stereotype of Americans with super powers. He hates Commies, loves America, and actually has American Rage against his percieved enemies of America. Before he tried to be the new Captain America, he called himself Super Patriot.

They kind of made him look like Bill O'Reilly, and I got to say, I sort of think they're personalities are similar. The difference: US Agent isn't as perverted as O'Reilly.  And say what you will about O'Reilly and US Agent, they both love America.

Happy July 4th everyone.


  1. How is the paint on yours? The one on mine has some serious bleed and smearing.

  2. Mine had the same, but I'm more forgiving on 4 inch figures.

  3. Mine is actually pretty bad, it was the figure that made me start to really pay attention on this series.

  4. Mine was terribly painted, too. And the joints felt weak.

  5. Hi Timmy, happy 4th of July, btw I love this black version of Captain America, so the figures come in bad shape?

    Anyway, I thought I would offer you a link exchange, I have a couple of great sites. Let me know if you are interested.


  6. Yeah as much as i think the paints on these are bad i still like this figure a lot and will excuse it but still where was "quality control" at?


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