Friday, July 8, 2011

"Macho Man" Randy Savage memorial toy purchase

So just like everyone else, apparently, after the Macho Man died I really wanted a toy of him. I hope it's just because the realization of his mortality and passing galvanized an already strong desire to own a momento to his awesomeness and not some morbid "liking toys of dead people" fascination. Irregardless, everyone wanted one, and of course that meant it was damn near impossible to find one at a reasonable price. Fricking Grey Market.

Seriously, I ended up getting this one in a two pack with John Morrison, and you know what? It cost the same as the single card Macho Man (same toy but different paint and with a cloth t-shirt) was going for on e-bay before shipping. Even though I didn't want John Morrison, it turned out to be a good deal because Morrison ended up as custom fodder in an experiment to see if the heads on the WWE Classics and DC Universe Classics are compatible. They are, thanks Mattel.

Anyway, Mattel makes this figure, so it's almost exactly like a DCUC figure, except that for some reason there's a limited range of movement on the shoulder joints. There are just some poses the figure won't do, like say, arms straight out to his sides like an airplaine. Oh man, I just realized, it has the same limited movement as John McCain.

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