Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flea Market Stuff

I went to a flea market this weekend. It was hot and I sweat a lot, but I picked up some stuff. There was one dude who was selling a Living Dead Doll for $4, but someone snatched it up before I could.

So instead I ended up getting these items.

Einstein Bobblehead

From the McDonalds Happy Meals for Night at the Museum 2. I loved that movie. And the writer's commentary is hilarious since it was written by the two main guys behind Reno 911. Also, Gotta love Einstein.

Jack and Kelly Osborne Smiti minifigures

Sadly, no Ozzy figure to accompany them, but they were insanely cheap, so okay. I like the figure for Jack because he looks like what I think hipster kids look like. Kelly, I dunno, I never watched that show so I never really got into these people as cultural figures. They were kind of figures in the background of my pop-culture. But I kind of hope these are in scale with the 3-inch stuff I have, because throwing emo/hipster-boy Jack into some of the Playmobil stuff seems like a good visual.

Barack Obama Action Figure

Discounting 12 inch figures, how is it that this is the only Barack Obama action figure that's ever been produced? Ah well. I've been looking at this figure for a while now, but never taking the final plunged and buying it. So when I saw it at the flea market I finally picked it up. It's going to require a little cleaning, since it has some sticker tape on it from some scotch tape put in the box, but it shouldn't be too bad. Also, it means I can cross another name off my "Presidential Action Figures" list. Although, to be honest, I've only crossed off one other name.

Interestingly, I also saw some Barnyard Commandos stuff for sale, (listen to the last Articulated Monster Podcast for why that's interesting) but at prices I couldn't justify paying.

I realized while driving home that the items I picked up are all toys of real life people. I love when they make toys of real people. Although I admit I kind of yawn if they're a sports star. But historical figures? Newsmakers? Toys of them are awesome.

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  1. Heresy! There is no price too high to pay for BYCs!