Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things I didn't know were out

So, like I said, I went to rich people Target. And they had stuff I had no idea they were releasing, let alone that it had come out.

They've brought back 12 inch GI Joes! And one of them seems to have Kung-Fu Grip! A shame I went through my 12 inch figure desire revival 3 months ago. Over it now.

Scout Class (Or small but not key chain small) Star Wars Transformers! If they release an AT-anything I'll get it.

I never wanted a camera that only took video from the POV of a car driving down a Hot Wheels track more than I have right now. Also, even with shitty resolution, good spy camera?

"This? This is just the toy car I carry around for luck. I'm just going to wave it over your top secret plans for luck."

Wall Track. For those people who are either pressed for space in their abode or for people who want a really bad idea for wall decorations. Actuall, if I felt at all comfortable with Taping a track to my wall I might look into this.

And Finally, can I just say that the Arkham City Batman in the Batman Legacy wave looks horrible.

The Two-Face ain't that great either. The Movie Masters Jim Gordon looks awesome.


  1. Don't know if you ever figured out what it was at target that I saw, but I went back today, and it was the Starting Line basic sxet. It comes with Mario, Luigi, tow thwomps, a complete track, and cost $49.99

  2. I have not seen those Joes yet but i want at lest one when i do.

  3. I saw those scout class SW Transformers over at my end too. Didn't get those tho.