Thursday, July 14, 2011

Power Girl

Power Girl is a peg warmer. I've seen about 30-40 of them at one of the local Wal-Marts, discounted to $10. But Power Girl was also a part of the Justice League International, so I knew I'd eventually add her figure to my collection, even if she was wearing a different costume back then. (It covered her entire body from the neck down. They actually brought it back for a couple issues of a Green Lantern miniseries because she was sick of people mistaking her for Supergirl. Oh, and even in the white costume she doesn't always have the boob window.)

It's an okay sculpt, although I would have preferred a slightly stockier look. But DCUC doesn't do that  body type, so live with what you've got. Although I gotta say, I love the head sculpt. In fact I think I need to get another one of these to do a headswap on a Green Lantern body.


  1. she always reminds me of my wife in her attitude and her breast size lol.

  2. So I see you didn't want to hold out to see if Livermore had the $5 one?

    Hakuna Matata. She seems like a pretty good figure.

  3. Actually I had this when we were talking. I still want a $5 Powergirl.


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