Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tomika Mini Garage Set

Hey guess what was on clearance at Toys R Us? Japanese diecast cars! TOMIKA!

I love it when diecast cars have opening doors, or in this case a trunk. And it comes with a little businessman driver! It would be great if he fit in the car, but he doesn't. There might be some advanced cars that he fits inside, but not the one he came with. So while he isn't in scale with the car, he is in scale with the environment. Oh yeah, did I mention that the car also comes with an environment?

A plastic garage and cardboard streets. You'll notice the puzzle piece aspect of the streets, that's because the various environments can be interlocked. I only got the one, but I'm seriously tempted by the larger city playsets that have trains (which the figures can fit in) and other streets & buildings that can all be combined to create a sprawling city. But then I remember that would be expensive and I forget it. Although I have to admit that I love that all the buildings have an action feature that doubles as a launcher for the cars.

See, press that button by the garage door and the floor tilts up, sending the car out the garage and onto the street. Of course since the street has no guide, the car just sort of launches aimlessly into traffic. Not a great way to teach people about driving safety.


  1. I saw these my local TRU the other night and thought they were pretty nice.

  2. Wow, behold post-modern urbanity in all it's scaled glory!