Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Max Charge Kilowog

So when it was revealed that the constructs from the 4 inch movie figures were compatible with the DCUC figures if you got the adaptor that came with Kilowog I knew I'd have to get a Kilowog. But then I realized I REALLY HATE the 4 inch Green Lantern figures (or really any Mattell 4 inch figure) so I was waiting for a sale. And then I saw a sale for like $1 off and I picked up a Kilowog.

Which makes it hilarious that I ended up returning that figure and instead bought this one for full price. Why? Because he is transparent green and that means he can double as a Green Lantern construct. (Which means he isn't going to count in my Corps count.)

So there is that.

The figure comes with a Green Lantern ring, but since its designed for children it's far too small for me. And since I don't have any kids, kind of a waste. Maybe I'll give it to my cousin when he's old enough to not swallow it. That should only be 5 years from now.

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