Monday, July 25, 2011

John Stewart

That's John with an "H." The one featured in the Justice League cartoon from the turn of the century. He's the dude that made test audiences who saw the Green Lantern movie ask why they made Green Lantern white. (Hal Jordan sucks.)

There's two DCUC John Stewart figures. This is based on the comic book costume that was based on the costume from the cartoon. It's also a figure I picked up loose, so hey, not accessories. (The original came with a couple constructs.) I kind of wish I had the accessories, but by ignoring them I was able to save about $15. So all things said and done, probably for the best. I had a chance to pick this up new back when it was in stores, but back then I didn't give a damn about Green Lantern figures. It's just one of those regrets.

Of course now that I'm trying to build a nice Rainbow Corps this guy suddenly became a must have since he's a human Green Lantern that isn't Hal Jordan. (Hal Jordan sucks.)

Current Corps
Green Lanterns: 11
Sinestro Corps: 5
Red Lanterns: 3
Star Sapphires: 3
Blue Lanterns: 1
Orange Lanterns: 1
Indigo Lanterns: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

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