Monday, August 1, 2011

River Song & the Pandorica

My friend who went to SDCC came back and gave me the stuff I asked him to pick up. Key amongst them was this set of River Song with the Pandorica.

Let me say that right away that my biggest disappointment is the River Song head sculpt. She looks wrong. Not just a bad likeness. Like not a person. Forehead is too big, the face is too round and smooth, almost bloated. It's like a bald dude in bad drag or a hastily made River Song Auton. And that's how I'll think of it. Which is a shame because the body sculpt is good, even if it doesn't have the cut thigh joint that most Doctor Who figures have these days. And the figure comes with her blaster accessory, which looks exactly like a Nerf NiteFinder painted white, just like on the show.

Now then, onto the Pandorica, which is the awesome part of this set. Yes, it's just the chair, but if you purchased any of the figures from the Pandorica wave (which featured walls of the Pandorica that could be made into a cube doubled as books on CD) then you can plug the walls that came with them into the base of this set. It even calls the base a "CD Cube Case" on the box. It also says that any regular sized 11th Doctor figure will fit in it, which I'm happy to say is true.

I tried a couple other Doctor Who figures and what came to light is that really tall, or rather bulky figures won't fit. Only skinny figures of small or average height without a long coat on will fit. But that only makes sense... And damn is it fun to find out! So I present, the prisoners of the Pandorica. Remember, the Pandorica was designed to hold only the most dangerous thing in the universe, but what could that be?

Simon Pegg?

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