Monday, August 22, 2011

Toy Show Haul (pt. 3)

And here's the final post about the toys I picked up at last week's San Jose Toy Show.

First up is a Captain Atom figure from the DC Direct Superman/Batman Public Enemies line. I picked this up because 1) I want a silver Captain Atom in the 6 inch scale and the DCUC is pretty hard to find. and 2) It cost me $1.  So good deal. As a DC Direct figure he has limited articulation: neck, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees. But since it's Captain Atom, a good soldier, who often is seen as having a stick up his ass by the other heroes, well that means a stiff Captain Atom is not too horrible.

Then there is Bizarro. DC Superheroes Bizarro. Wow, never thought I'd see one of these figures go for a reasonable price. Also, if you're going to build up a DC villains collection Bizarro is one of the staples. I feel like more people would understand the reference more than they would Cheetah or Two-Face. (Some comic book nerds might argue, but they are wrong. Their context is all screwy. Which explains why when that comic book fan brought up that there weren't any A-list super-heroines other than Wonder Woman at DC people tried to shame her by shouting "Starfire.")

I've never fully understood how the Bizarro reverse logic is supposed to work, but then that's probably the point. Only a Bizarro would be able to understand it. Because if Bizarro does and says the opposite of things then he's start entering into double and triple negatives and things would quickly fall apart. But his clumsy fumbling has always been fun to watch/read.

Oh and the toy is pretty good. The larger pieces restrict movement and force some weird poses, but again, that's kind of works for the character.


  1. That Bizzaro looks awesome! Congrats on him but i like like the Captain Atom too. : )

  2. The Bizzaro looks really cool, never seen that before.