Thursday, August 18, 2011

Convention Exclusive Nerd

Time for another look at another Comic-Con exclusive. Although this time let's look at a 2010 exclusive. Originally a Comic-Con 2010 exclusive and then a Toys R Us exclusive, I picked this up at the Toys R Us website, which has these on clearance for $10+S&H+tax. See what I did there? Because its still August I tried to make you think it was from this last Comic-Con. And here I'm trying to be clever. Like a nerd on the internet. Which is a segue. Really it is.

The Nerd is from the Adult Swim Robot Chicken stop motion cartoon. The cartoon is particularly popular with 80's nostalgia nerd due to its use of 80's action figures as the models for stop motion and the focus on subjects for the geek niche. The nerd is the unnamed stereotypical Nerd character who engages in all the worst fanboyisms and socially awkward behaviors. Usually he's used as a figure of ridicule, but he scores a win every now and then.

The figure itself is pretty sweet. The likeness is great, which it had better be considering the simple design of the original character. The articulation is excellent, especially for a Robot Chicken figure. Aside from limited movement due to his hip joints which are like a weird combination of a t and v join, you pretty much get joints where you'd hope: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, waist. There's no ankles, but the knees are swivel-ball joints. Irregardless, the joints allow multiple poses.

Since this is a Con variant, there's all sorts of con-specific accessories. Like his bag full of swag and his t-shirt with the Comic-Con logo. There's also a few episode specific accessories. And he looks quite dapper in the top hat.

As far as I know the initial offerings of Robot Chicken toys didn't do too well, so I think this is the only Nerd figure they made. Which is a shame, since this is the best of all the Robot Chicken toys. (With the possible exception of Mo-larr.) They should have done more basic figures and less novelty figures. I probably would have bought them.

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  1. Excellent choices! Great stuff, especially the ComiCon figure, Hilarious!