Friday, August 5, 2011


A.W.E.S.O.M.-O is a South Park toy based on the episode where Cartman wore a cardboard robot costume to fool his classmate and quasi-friend Butters. It's a good episode but the real reason I wanted this toy is that it's a toy of a cardboard robot.

There's something inherently magical about cardboard robot costumes. Probably this goes back to childhood playing and a nostalgia for that time. Maybe it's the retro boxy robot aesthetic. Regardless, I like cardboard robot costumes and this toy is an awesome interpretation of that. From the duct taped batteries to the "robot" face on the head. Not to mention the piping covered arms.

Speaking of which, the head can be removed and underneath is an exhausted head of Cartman. In the episode Butters believes the robot is real and becuse robots don't need food or to go to the bathroom or to sleep, Butters doesn't let Cartman do any of that. (There's an in episode reason why Cartman can't leave.) While the reveal is neat, it does result in a robot head that can't move. In fact the only articulation the toy has is cut joints where the arms meet body. So this is very much a display piece. But it's an awesome looking display piece, which is good otherwise what's the point?

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