Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Picked up a Firestorm from Target. This is the original version of Firestorm, the one that I was only familiar with from cartoons until I began reading DC Comics in the 90's. Firestorm has the power to rearrange molecules and for a while could only transform into a superhero by combining his body with his college professor who would talk to him in his mind while they fought crime. He's been a perennial B-lister, but he's a staple of DC Comics so he got his own DCUC All-Star figure.

As shown here.

Its a nice simple figure with some neat hand accessories to simulate the visual of his alchemy-esque powers. So if you keep them on his arms he's constantly turning things into other things. You can imagine the only reason the Justice League keeps him around is that they wanted a cheap air ionizer.

He can also shoot energy blasts from his hands, but that's a pretty generic superhero power.

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  1. Nice looking figure and its the classic version of him too. Just need those Super-Friend DCU figs along with a Cyborg one and you could relive those Saturday mornings of old. : )


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