Monday, August 29, 2011

Lego minifigures Series 5 part 1

When they revealed the figures in Series 5 I was bummed because I wanted almost all of them. And at 3 bucks a pop that would mean it wouldn't be cheap. But this weekend I went to Toys R Us where they had a crapload of them. So I was able to pick up all the figures I wanted. All 13 of the 16.

So this is going to take a while. To make it more fun I've arranged the figures into categories to go over them.

HISTORICAL:  Gangster, Egyptian Queen (Cleopatra), Gladiator.
Each one of these guys has so much personality. The Gladiator was on my MUST HAVE list, but I like them all. I wanted Cleopatra to match the Pharaoh that we got in an earlier wave and the Gangster was just a nice historical touch as Lego goes through US history in these waves. Although every time I see a gangster I think of the gangster character from Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego. The Gangster (with opening violin case!) has a criminally smarmy smile and a gun. The gun fits in the case, although you'd think the case was meant for something with more firepower. Cleopatra should be easy to find since she's the only one with the wedge dress piece. She also comes with the snake that she used to kill herself. (Kinda morbid, Lego.) And the Gladiator is awesome with his helmet. Seriously, that helmet makes the guy.

WOMEN: Cavewoman, Aerobics instructor, Zookeeper woman
Okay, let's get this out of the way. The only reason I wanted the Aerobics instructor was for the purple boom box. I think that's hilarious. And it fits so well with the douchebag figure's boombox from the last wave.

Similarly the big draw of the Zookeeper is the monkey figure. Because of that  monkey I tend to think of this ass the Jane Goodall figure. Of course I also love that the zookeeper is tempting the monkey with a GIANT banana. I'm going to assume that's an inflatable banana and the zookeeper is taunting the monkey. I actually opened these in front of my sister and she loved the monkey and banana so much I ended up giving her an extra one of these I picked up. I also gave one of these to a married couple who are both anthropologists, it was a big hit.

The Cavewoman was desired to pair up with the Caveman from wave 1. On that criteria it's a win, but I have to admit that I'm really digging the design. Her faces has scratches on it, like she's just been in a fight. But her expression is unfazed, like she's used to it and its not anything special. And her hair is made out of rubber instead of the normal hard plastic to apparently better accommodate that bone.


  1. I scored the Detective over the weekend which was the main one i wanted and i was very happy with it. : )

  2. My wife still wants the detective, and I want the dwarf and cavegirl. I am encouraged by your positive review of it, I was hoping it would be good, since I plan to use her parts for another project (Gaming With LEGO must roll on, after all).

  3. The dwarf's helmet is pretty easy to find using the squeeze and feel mode. The helmet is all pointy and unique.