Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lego minifigures series 5, part 2

BRITISH: Graduate, Queen's Guard, Detective
You gotta get the Detective. He's clearly modeled on Sherlock Holmes. And his magnifying glass actually kind of works. I particularly like the deerstalker cap (which is how you know he's Holmes). Now you can have him solve all your Lego mysteries.

The Queen's Guard has a neutral expression (or as my sister called it, "pissed off") because the guards aren't supposed to show any emotion while on duty. He's actually one of the easiest figures to find (and by that I mean determine what figure it is in the blind packs) because his hat is so prominent and the texture so unique.

As for the Graduate, I was shocked to realize his cloth gown wasn't in that cardboard protector that you usually get with Lego cloth capes and such. I only figured him out because he has that smooth plate block for a diploma. His hat is pretty awesome though.

MANLY MEN: Lumberjack, Dinosaur Costume, Boxer
What surprised me about the Boxer was that the gloves aren't really an accessory. They've replaced the standard Lego hands you usually get with a figure. Fortunately wrist articulation is still there. I don't exactly know why, but I love this guy. He's got a secondary face on the back of his head with a beaten face and tears. Hilarious.

The Lumberjack is pretty easy to figure out in the blind bags thanks to the axe. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the white trash vibe I'm getting off the dude, but that might be based on my own prejudices. I don't actually know if the flannel and trucker hat is a stereotype or not. If it isn't, then my bad. Although I want to say that if you want to go with a standard lumberjack they should have included a snow cap, a hard hat, or a lumberjack hat.

Then there's Dinosaur Costume. If I could have only one figure from this wave, it would be Dinosaur Costume. Because I love Dinosaurs and costumes. The tail is actually ingenious in its implementation, it's actually a neck piece like a Lego backpack. Look at it, it's glorious.

Finally there's the Eskimo. I was going to skip him until I realized that he's an Eskimo. And as such he counts towards Lego's Asian Stereotype figure for this wave. It's a pretty good eskimo figure, based on everything that mass media has taught us about Eskimos. And I have to admit, I don't know much more than Lego about Eskimos. So for all I know this could be pretty accurate. But I'm gonna guess it's not.

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  1. I think a harpoon would have been more accurate for the Eskimo. And of course, the name itself might be flawed, but I forget what the more accurate term for them is now. It's either Inuit or not. I think that depends on location rather than any morphological difference.