Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vote Super Grover!

Articulated Monster went over to the San Jose Toy Show this weekend. We'll have a special podcast up soon, but even more important: over the next week you get to vote which of our awesome toy purchases is the awesomest. To vote you can either comment on this post, e-mail us at, or by voting on the poll on the sidebar of the other James' blog All About Fett. Or do all 3 and vote thrice. THRICE!

You can vote for James (Fett)'s 2 Kevin Costner Robin Hoods that cost $1.

Mario's purple Transformers Animated Shockwave & Activators Bumblebee that cost $15.

Or you can vote for my Super Grover that cost $40.

Now I wasn't going to bring up the prices, but James already did. So I'd like to point out that while my nomination for most awesome of the awesome finds is the most expensive it is potentially also the hardest to get at a reasonable price. Seriously, on amazon the cheapest you can find it is for $165. Cinequest has one for $100. If you listen to the podcast I might have mentioned you can't find it on e-bay. That's no longer true, but I do see that the only one listed alone is $125.

But I got one for $40. There's a reason when the vendor mentioned the price I said, "Oh hell yeah."

Sometimes I'm not the best at bartering.

Why does this figure normally cost so much? Well back when Palisades had the Muppets license and were churning out amazing Muppet toys they announced that they were planning to do a line of Sesame Street figures in the same scale and with the same amazingly accurate style. The first figure they made was Super Grover and he was only made available in 2005 at conventions and through the Palisades online collector's club. The figure was a portent of great things to come...

Then Palisades went out of business and the Sesame Street figures was never happened. Now the prototypes for their accessories, like the bananna that Ernie could hold up, go for about $100.

So my Super Grover, for $40, was a pretty good deal.

It features a box with art by Alex Ross.

And inside you get Super Grover, a phone box for him to change into from his secret identity, and then you get an alternate head and a spare set of clothes to create that secret identity as a monster reporter.

So vote for Super Grover as the Awesomest purchase! VOTE THRICE! Vote in honor of those Sesame Street Figures that were never made!


  1. Super Grover is awesome looking! I think am going to have to vote for SG. : )

  2. Super Grover is awesome, it makes me so angry Palisades went under and we never got those great Sesame Street Muppets