Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey, it's the other SDCC Doctor Who exclusive, the 2nd Classic Doctor Who Companion figure ever released. Which means we've got Peri and Leela. Leela makes sense, she was one of the Doctor's Companions in the middle of the Classic series period of highest popularity. Also, she's well known as the one that wore a leather swimsuit.

Like Peri, and almost all the Classic figures, this figure is released as a "Name of the Stoy" figure. So it's "Face of Evil" Leela, which was the name of her first story. She comes with a laser gun,  a crossbow, a knife, an arrow. There's some complaining on the internet that she doesn't come with her signature weapon, the Janis thorns. That's kind of like releasing an Ace figure without Nitro-9. But that also means I don't care.
I like the figure. The head sculpt is a great likeness, but it gets the idea across. My only real problem is the joints. It's got a lot of them, which I like. But there's no mid-thigh cut. I'd like one, but I understand that it would cause a weird seam on a bare leg. But the bit I'm really having issues with is the cut waist. It's incredibly loose, and by loose I mean there's a huge freaking space between the two pieces of plastic. Also, the're a weird crack in the plastic on the back of the figure.

So some horrible "I hope this figure won't fall apart" issues. But otherwise great figure.... unless the figure falls apart.

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