Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Super Skrull vs. C. Viper

Because I'm trying to collect a pretty awesome set of Street Fighter minimates. Sadly C. Viper doesn't come with any lightning fist effects. But that may be because Super Skrull came with so many alternate "Fantastic Four" power imitation limbs. They're all just parts from other Fantastic Four minimates, so not as impressive as you'd think. (Although it's fun to realize that even though the Mr. Fantastic giant fist was originally intended for the upcoming Fantastic Four wave figure, they're releasing it almost a year earlier with this figure.) This is a superior Super Skrull from the one that came out almost a decade ago, but that's to be expected. If nothing else, there's been more F4 figures to steal parts from released since then.

The Other possibility for no C.Viper lightning is that her hair must have taken up all the new parts budget... but come on, they've got lots of lightning fist parts from previous figures.

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