Friday, July 26, 2013

Pac-Man and Blue Ghost


K'nex Pacman figures for Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures. The blue ghost is the generic blue ghost that attacks the Pac people. Inky and his kin all got new character designs to distinguish them from the rest of the ghost horde. (In the cartoon they betray the ghosts from time to time in the hopes of being brought back to life.)

These come in 2 pack blind bags. Once you know the character breakdown it's insanely easy to use the squeeze method. Or you could use the underline code K'Nex is so enamored with.

The best part? Pac-Man's head is jointed so he can open his mouth.

Pac-Man is a pretty awesome figure. I'm not sure how many of the ghosts I want. 


  1. Whoa! I might have to go get one of these soon.

  2. I just found out about the new cartoon the other day, and all the new toys coming out too! I wasn't aware of K'Nex figures too, though. I at least need a Pac Man!