Monday, March 10, 2014


So they made some official Stan Lee toys for the Comikaze convention. But I didn't go to Comikaze. But I did go to the local Wizard World convention where Stan Lee Collectibles was selling their overstock. And since I love it when they make action figures of writers I decided to get one.

I debated getting Standor or the Pop Vinyl figure. Ultimately though, there's just so much more amusing about the Standor figure.

1) He's a He-man figure of Stan Lee.
2) He's blue, so he's probably the FAKER version of Stan Lee.
3) His profile claims Standor is one of the ancient gods of Endor who created so damn much.
4) He looks a lot more like Stan Lee than the simpler Pop Vinyl design.
5) Mustache.

Ignore the glare from the flash. Or pretend it's Standor's divine light of inspiration.

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  1. Just so weird to me they made a Masters Stan Lee figure.


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