Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mass Effect

Oh hey, Mass Effect 1 minimates are at GameStop now. At $5 per figure they're actually a little cheaper than the single boxed Aliens colonial marines vs xenomorph minimates. Yes, these are blind bagged, but thanks to the armor and head shapes it's insanely easy to figure out who is who using the squeeze method.

There's 8 figures in this wave, but since I never played ME1 I don't care about Ashley or Wrex, I never played or got attached to Fem Shep, and the Elusive man looks like a business casual Charlie Sheen clone in the pictures I've seen, so none of them are worth $5 to me. Actually Shepard isn't either, but I want to try putting different minimate heads on the N7 armor. I think it'll make me laugh.

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