Saturday, November 21, 2015

Playmobil Series 8

Female gladiator! Pretty awesome. I'm not sure if the weird B-exploitation movie armor makes is a knock against the figure or makes it better. But it's a figure of a woman with a badass face tattoo. And that shield is an awesome Playmobil accessory.

19th century soldier! I don't know what army this is supposed to be. Anyone? But I love that it came with a bayonet.


  1. Yeah the Gladiatrix is just awesome! If I had to guess I'd say the soldier is supposed to be a Confederate soldier.

  2. I thought confederate soldier too, but that seems kinda weird because of the red cap. They've made Confederate figures before and they had gray caps and much more detailed uniforms.

  3. I would say pre-Franco-Prussian war Republican French.