Monday, June 22, 2009


The Wolverine movie, from what I hear, isn't very good. But whatever. What I care about is the toy line and the fact that for some reason the movie waves include comic book versions of characters. (Even character who aren't in the movie.) However Cyclops was in the movie and so here's a toy of him! Yay! You gotta love a character everyone thinks is too reserved but is only that way because he realzies that if he loses control of himself for even a minute that people will die. Also, Cyclops can't control his powers because his father threw Cyclops out of an airplane as a child because it was being attacked by aliens. And he had to shoot his baby into the future to save its life after the baby momma (a clone of Cyclops true love who was dead for a while after killing billions of people on another planet) sold her sould to a demon. Oh comic books, how I love you.

This is his most recent costume, dubbed the "Astonshing" costume due to its premiere in Astonishing X-men. It's a new variation of his "International era" X-men costume which somehow seems more like a body condom than that one did. It's not a bad costume, it's just... well damnit, I grew up on the Jim Lee era costume. That one rarely gets a toy these days.

But whatever the costume, Cyclops might be my favorite X-Men character, so a figure of him is always welcome. Especially one in this scale. There's no wrist or ankle articulation, in keeping with this line, but he's still got a good heft of posability thanks to joints every where else you would expect a Hasbro 3.75" figure to have them. I also like how they simulated his action feature without doing the light up eyes thing from a battery powered light source or light piping.

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