Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AT-ST & Chewbacca

My collection of Lego interpretations of walking vehicles just got closer to being completed.

The AT-ST or "chickenwalker" is part of the Battle of Endor set which retails for around $100. But damned if I'm paying $100 for a AT-ST Lego set. So I totally e-bayed this sucker.

$15 for the AT-ST and Chewbacca. I could do without the Chewbacca, (I'm not a huge wookie fan, i mean seriously, what use is a crossbow that shoots lasers. Why is the bow part necessary?) but what the hell, I'll take him if you're offering him. I'm not a fan of the design, which restricts head movement as a trade for looking a tiny bit more like the character. Hilariously, the guy who sold this to me included the instructions to construct the AT-ST, but since they were middle pages in the instruction book he accomplished this by tearing the pages out of the book. I'm sure there's a bit of genius there, buying a big Lego set and selling off the pieces one by one, but that's the Gray Market for you.

Whatever, I totally got a Lego AT-ST for a reasonable price and that makes me smile a smile of a collector who is temporarily sated.

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