Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marvel Minimates Wave 28

Hey, you know how people never read the character descriptions on the back of toy boxes? Well most people... if they're not buying the toys. Hell, I don't read them, not unless I get bored in the store.

But I did read the backs of the Marvel Minimates Wave 28 boxes. They're pretty neat, partially because it seems like they stopped caring about being accurate and just started having fun with it and leap frogging details. Which isn't a problem unless you're a fanboy.


Actually I'm pretty sure that deciding to join the X-men isn't what made him a hero, it was the heroic stuff he did with the X-men. If all it takes is deciding to join the X-men to be a hero then that means dude could have been heroic if he had spent all his time watching hockey on the television rather than saving people. Also, fanboy note: he joined the X-men to get away from the control of the Canadian government, which in itself isn't very heroic.

I like how they gloss over the body swap bit. Mostly because no one gave a damn about the character until she became a Japanese woman wearing a swimsuit. And how they included the Omniverse stuff in a nod to all the reality travelling the character did which no one gave a crap about and tries to froget because it really doesn't matter.

And of course they throw a joke into the Deadpool profile. Which is fair enough, although I'd lvoe it if they put jokes in all the profiles. I mean really, it'd make the whole thing a lot more entertaining.

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