Monday, January 11, 2010

Army Men on Patrol

Toy Story Legos are now available. Because they're a licensed Lego product they're ass end expensive, but that doesn't mean some of them don't call out to me. Like how about a set of plastic army men with a jeep, in Lego form?

Oh hell yes.

As you can see they come with little plastic bases that simulate their plastic army men inspiration. The bases are detachable so you can use them as bases for other Lego minifigs or if you want the arme men to ride that jeep. I'm pleasently surprised by the amount of accessories you get with these guys. You get a couple rifles, a couple binoculars, a couple walkie talkies, a metal detector/mine sweeper and a stretcher. The only thing really missing is a bazooka.

Actually I'm just shocked they included the mine sweeper. What were the odds. (Probably pretty good if they've ever made the accessory before, but it's still a nice touch.)

The jeep is pretty cool too. It feels more substantial than the vehicles you get in the Star Wars minifig packs that include the same amount of figures at the same price. The jeep even has a spare tire that rides on the back bumper. Pretty damned cool.

I just really like this set. Even the fact that everything is a uniform green is cool just because it makes everything look so damned strange and surreal. Even if they're not going to be in scale with the other Toy Story Legos... because I don't remember the plastic army men in the movie being the same size as Buzz and Woody. Not unless they're planning on introducing a growth ray in Toy Story 3.


  1. I like that set too, I better pick it up before it disappears.

  2. I saw it the first day it hit TRU here, they have already disappeared now.

  3. I just saw a crap load at my local Target. They're finally filtering through. In a few months you'll see them everywhere!


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