Monday, January 18, 2010


Taco Bell has American Gladiator toys this month. I tried to ignore them, but one of them called out to me. And through a series of odd circumstances I got them.

The UltraSphere.

Oh sure, that's the name, but it's really the Atlasphere. It was the most awesome of the events in the old American Galdiators, which is the only real American Gladiators in my mind. There were toys of the Atlasphere back in the 90's as part of that American Gladiators line but it was pretty expensive and they were kind of unweildy. These are kids meal toys, so they're pretty compact. Here's a picture to give you a sense of scale.

I was secretly hoping these would be awesome, and they're pretty cool, but what turns the dial up to 11 is that the spheres split apart and you can put something in the middle.

Like minimates.


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  1. The funny thing about Atlasphere is that in the video game of American Gladiators it makes this event seem so easy...yet it's probably ridiculously hard to actually compete in it yourself. I loved the original few seasons of American Gladiators. This toy version is awesome and I would've totally snatched it up as well!