Monday, February 8, 2010

Lego Creator Stegosaurus

I complain about how much Legos cost, but damned if I didn't plunk down a large amount to get a large Lego dinosaur. Totally worth it. It's from the Creator line of Legos so it has instructions in the box to make 3 different types of dinosaurs with the pieces. This is clearly the stegosaurus, while the other modes are a tyranosaurus and a pterydactl. I prefer the stegosaurus, it's the most impressive of the three modes and the tyranosaurus has horrible articulation. (Because I want my lego animals to move, damnit!)
But seriously, based on the different modes, you can understand why the set was called "Stegosaurus," it's the most impressive and well done of the three. Still its cool to know I can turn it into something else with the pieces that come into the box.

I was going to say it's cool to know I can turn it into something else, but it's Lego, they ALL do that.

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