Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Wheels: Falling With Style

Hey, so I've gotten back into Hot Wheels and it's all because of Toy Story.

Or rather I should say it's because I found a Toy Story Hotwheels set which the Sears I was at had put on clearance in order to get rid of what Christmas stock they had left. It's a loop and a ramp as seen in the titular "Falling With Style" sequence of the first movie. I got it because, hell, cheap Hot Wheels loop and ramp.

The set does come with a car and a small Buzz Lightyear figure that attaches to the car. The car it comes with is the "Red Baron."

I'm pretty sure they included this car because it's the only one where the plastic stand that connects Buzz to the car can actually snap onto the car's body.

And lest we not forget, the loop and the ramp.

This set actually comes with a bit more track than that, as well as another ramp that catches the car as it goes flying, but it's really to large a set for me to take a picture of without exposing my entire DVD collection in the background. I found this set for $5, discounted from $20, but if you go to Toys 'R Us you can get the loop and some track or the ramp and some track for $4 each. (Or $8 for the loop, the ramp, and a lot of track. Neither comes with a car.)

The car with figure attached actually travels the loop pretty well, but has some troubles with the ramp. After trying it out I've decided to try getting a few more Hot Wheels in order to send them down, because damn it's fun. And hell, the cars only cost a buck each. I miss cheap but good toys.


  1. Darn! we don't have this in Malaysia.. Do they still have it on sale? is it possible for u to get 1 for me? I'll replace it with something of the same value that u wanted from my blog :)