Thursday, February 25, 2010

Luke Skywalker

Mario got me this for Christmas. I'm just getting around to opening some of those presents up so I guess it's time for a review.

This is the first new in the box Star Wars figure from the original trilogy I've gotten in a while. I used to collect the Power of the Force figures back in the 90's but the bad sculpts and horrible articulation from that era put me off Star Wars figures for a while. They've gotten better articulation lately so I decided to give them a new try, but I've not really seen one I've really wanted. Especially since they've been focusing on the Clone Wars and new trilogy as of late.

This Luke Skywalker is a welcome surprise. It's of Badass Jedi Luke when he stopped whining and just went with being proactive all the time. Plus it has all the articulation I want in a Star Wars figure. Actually it has too much. The ball-jointed knees feel fragile and feel weird to use. The pop-out chest I could do with or withou. And the chest swivel rather than waist swivel wasn't something I expected, or am particularly happy with. But too much articulation is better than too little, particularly at this scale when I can't pretend it's a statue, and overall this is a pretty neat Luke figure. Certainly it's hands above any other Luke figure I own in the likeness or articulation departments.

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