Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Kart

So I'm looking at the Clearance area in Target and my eyes spot a Hot Wheels car. I pick it up and BAM, I know I need to buy this. Even if it's not on Clearance, I must buy this. Why? I'll tell you why, Hot Wheels Go Kart.

It's listed as one of the 2008 All-Stars, which makes me seriously question how Hot Wheels picks its All-Stars, but whatever. I love this thing. Mostly because of how ridiculous it is. And the description of it on the back even claims that it was designed for sheer "amusement." Those quotation marks aren't mine, they're actually on the box. Hot Wheels can't even take this thing seriously. How great is that?

I even like that it's not as sturdy or as good at rolling as regular Hot Wheels. It's like they incorporated the relative performance of a Go Kart into the design. It's unintentional, I'm sure, but I love that.

This thing is tiny. Let me put it up to another Hot Wheels car so you can get a proper sense of scale.

How small is this thing? So small and light that it doesn't have enough weight to complete the loop. That's a shame, but I like the ridiculous look of this thing enough that I'm not 100% disappointed. (I'm sort of buying these things to drop them down the loop.)

Hot Wheels purchased: 3

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  1. hmmmm looks like u have ventured into the world of Hot Wheels now... I should say.."Welcome!" (There's a lot more in the HW worlds than what u can expect, believe me :)) I have 1 of that go kart as well! Nice!