Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Master

I've always wanted a Master figure, but the problem with the most recent Master is roughly the same issue with the recent Doctors. When you get down to it, the figures are just "dude in suit" which isn't very exciting. Although I found "hoodie Master" to be a little more appealing as a visual than "suit and tie master." Also, I liked the more manic portayal of the character in that story. I didn't buy the toy though. I didn't want any of the other figures in the set. Fortunately an Amazon gift certificate and a reseller selling the figure by itself meant: BAM!

I now have a Master figure.

And more Time Lord toys is always good.

The likeness is okay, and the frosted hair just makes him look silly (poor paint application there), but hell, the figure sort of works. Not worth $20, but it's a nice figure. (Maybe it's worth $9 or $10.)

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