Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sentinel & Rachel Summers

I'm kinda annoyed at how hard this was to find. I haven't really been into the X-men during the whole "Rachel wears Jean Grey's old costume" period. My prime X-men experiences involved this version of Rachel, when she was wearing the S&M brainwashed slave uniform (DAMMIT Claremont) from her post-apocalyptic future before she traveled to a history which negated her whole existence and decided to stay.

So I really wanted this version of the minimate rather than the Rachel Grey one. Also because I'm a collector and I wanted it to help complete my definitive Excalibur lineup. They haven't made a Megan yet, but she's a shape shifter so really any minimate could be Megan in disguise. Like the Hulk.

It took a few months to find this 2 pack for a price that wasn't about 4 times MSRP. So when I finally did you're damned right I snatched it up. I'm pretty pleased with it. The Sentinel is awesome and you can add or remove various elements of his costume to reveal details on the base pieces, thus allowing you to have Sentinel minimates from various eras. And Rachel has her Phoenix force base, so score there.

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