Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nerf Barrel Break & Nerf Alpha Trooper

Did I mention I'm into Nerf guns?

Yeah, I totally am. I picked these up this weekend at Toys R Us & Target, which are apparently where they're store exclusives.

As far as I can tell, they're the Nerf Gun analogues of a sawed off shotgun and an automatic rifle. Both appear to be good alternatives to the Buzz-Bee foam dart rifles, and although those are fun, I've got to say, after a while of using them, I really started to get annoyed finding and picking up the shells. It was bad enough having to find all your darts, having to take twice as much time to find the plastic shells that the guns required you house the darts in just made it a little too much.

I haven't really played with these yet, but the concept of a Nerf version of a sawed off shotgun amuses me to no end.


  1. Nice! I just got my first Nerf gun, it's the Longshot CS-6, I think I am addicted haha

  2. which is better nerf alpha trooper or the barrel break??

  3. Of the two? Alpha trooper. Barrel Break's gimmick means slow rate of fire. It's a neat gimmick though, makes you feel like a bad ass when you reload, but it's not practical if you use your nerf guns to shoot at other people in a frenzy of fire.