Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey, they're doing re-releases of the first few waves of Futurama, and they're surprisingly at Toys 'R Us, which I stumbled upon and so was able to get a Bender after wanting one for about a year. I was at the point that I was willing to go with one of the Bender variants like Bender made out of Wood or Chef Bender. But now I have classic Bender and I am happy.

I really like that he comes with exchangable eyes so you can change his expression. It's something that would probably only work on a Bender toy, but it really works.

The only downside is that his hands make it kind of hard to wedge things in there and get him to hold onto anything. The beer bottle sort of works, but I'm not even going to try the motor oil can. His stomach opens up and he's hollow inside, which means I can put the eyes in there and have a reasonable chance of not losing them.

AWESOME. 4 out of 5, and only because the only one left in the store had a smudge on his head. And it seems a bit small for $13.


  1. Nice toy. Are the arms and legs bendable too, or are they solid plastic?

  2. Solid plastic. The only Futurama figure I've seen personally with anything other than cut joint shoulders and necks is Fry who gets cut joint biceps and a pin elbow.

  3. Looks like I need to check out TRU, I have been meaning to pick up a Bender for quite some time. Bummer though I thought the arms would at least been bendy.