Friday, August 27, 2010

Captain Jack Harkness with revolver

There's another version of this figure that comes with the Doctor's hand, but I didn't get that one. Which is okay, because I also got it for $5 less than MSRP. This is the first companion figure I've purchased. Partially that's because there hadn't been a companion I really liked made into a figure that I felt was worth the money. The Captain Jack figure that was released in 2005 looks horrible, like they sucked out all the stuff that was cool about the character and turned that into an action figure.

This though, this is Capt. Jack looking his most awesome. He's got his signature coat, which admittedly didn't become a signature until after the 2005 figure was made. Of all the companion figures that have been released so far, this is one of the best, if not the best. The likeness isn't perfect, but you can regognize the character, and that's good enough for me. If I was paying $20 for this instead of $10 I'd be a bit more peeved, but this is pretty good. The only bit that seems off is his nose.

The articulation is pretty decent. Cut neck, cut shoulders, cut wrists, cut biceps, cut waist, cut thighs, hinge elbows, hinge knees, and that weird quasi-balljoint/hinge thing at the hips. It gets a good balance between articulation and sculpting. I like this balance, it gives me enough articulation that I'm happy with the posing potential, but the figures actually look good and fairly acurate to their screen likeness.

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