Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vampire & Witch

Okay let's do this.

So when I found out that Target had the blind-bagged minifigures they were going to close in 20 minutes. I ran home, grabbed my sheet of barcodes, and ran back. With 4 minutes left I didn't have time to try and find which bags had which figures, so I shoved a basket full of sixty bags and went home. I then spent the next hour figuring out what each bag contained, picked out what I wanted, and returned the rest.

It was expensive, because quite frankly, there were about 15 figures I wanted in this wave, and that means about $30 and then tax.

Here we see the vampire and the witch. It's been a while since Lego put out its monsters, so I'm glad I got a chance to pick some up. The cape on the Vampire took a little figuring out, since it requires figruing out the proper way to fold the cloth. The witch's legs are a solid piece used to depict dresses, which quite frankly I find annoying.

I really want the werewolf, mostly to re-create my Rock Band Lego avatars.


  1. I want the deep sea diver so I can re-create my LEGO Rock Band avatar.

  2. No, the more old timey Big Daddy style diving suit. I don't know if they've even made an actual figure based on that design yet. But it's what I use for my character in the game.