Monday, September 13, 2010

Mini-Time Machine with Marty McFly

First things, first. The Marty McFly in this set isn't the same as the Marty in the original Minimate 4 pack. It's damned close, but there are slight differences in the paint application. Also, the orange vest is slightly different. In the end however, it's not enough difference to make you feel like you've got two versions of the same character.

There's another version of this that comes with Marty in a radiation suit. But I didn't get that one because the Mini-Time Machine is different, it has paint designed to make it look like it's covered in ice and forst, which it is how it's supposed to look post time drive. So screw that, give me this version and redundant Marty.

The minimate Delorean is pretty nice. It looks squished, sure, but the way the back is designed, with all the iconic Back To The Future mods looks pretty sweet. It's a little difficult to get a minimate into the driver's seat, since the steering wheel has a tendency to get in the way, but you can get them in there and they look... well they look right.

If there's one thing I'm going to complain about it's this, you have to put on stickers. I hate putting stickers on toys because my OCD means I never feel it's done perfectly. But if you want headlights, the "OUTATIME" license plate, dashboard controls, the time display, or even the flux capacator, you have to affix the decals yourself and getting your fingers in that tiny cabin space is not easy or fun.

In the end though, I really like this toy. None of the other minimate vehicles out there are appealing to me, but if they make an Ecto-1 in this scale I'll get that too.

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