Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lego City Advent Calendar 2010: Not Buying

I don't think I'm getting a Lego Advent Calendar this year. Last year I was just getting back into Legos so it was very exciting to get all these figures and bricks. Now that I have a lot of Legos, the $35 price tag no longer seems worth it. (Even at $30 it's too expensive.) You don't get a lot of bricks for your money, and most of them don't stand out too much. Most of the figures and structures from last years calendar have been broken up and are in my Lego bin.
Although if I was going to get the Lego City Advent Calendar, it would be for the showering Santa.

1 comment:

  1. $35 for boils down to some lego acessories. Then again, who DOESN'T want a wood pile!

    The Santa does look pretty cool, though the fact that he showers with his cap on is a little strange. I think Mr. Claus might be a few elves short of a toy factor if you catch my meaning.