Sunday, October 31, 2010


Thanks to an error on the part of Toys R Us, an error which when we pointed out they then decided to change in our favor, we got our Movie Master Scarecrow figures for $5. That's a great price. I've been hovering over this guy for a while. I really love the Batman Begins approach to the Scarecrow, it's easily one of the best movie translation character designs ever. It's a perfect way to marry the superhero comic approach with the real-world sensibilities of live action film.

That said, $13-15 when he's got that annoying bolo tie bit from the sculpt they're reusing of one of the Joker henchmen... And it doesn't really fit the other DC comic figures I've already got in this scale. I know he's a Movie Master, but due to the scale and articulation, I've always just seen the Movie Masters line as part of the DC Universe Classics line. So that's how I'm classifying him. And compared to that he looks odd... ERNGH... no.

$5? Yes!

He comes with a burlap scarecrow mask which is in some wacky scale. Doesn't fit the figure, doesn't fit any figure, but is way to small for real life. I guess it could fit a 12 inch figure. Or maybe my thumb... wait... yes! Thumb puppet!

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