Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Series 4 Figure Set

So full disclosure, what I am about to explain I have pieced together from various messageboard threads. I have no idea how accurate it is. So Tesco's, which as far as I can tell is some sort of British K-mart, has these exclusive Doctor Who toy three packs of figures previously only availble single-carded. One 3-pack for each season of Doctor Who. If you order them online you don't know which ones you'll get because they're all counted as the same item, so the only way to get ones you want are by going to the store yourself. And since that's very far away, I just got one over e-bay.

But make no mistake, I specifically tried to get the Series 4 set because I couldn't give a damn about most of the figures in the other sets. Since I don't know how much Tesco was selling these for, I have no idea if I was ripped off or not, but I can tell you this, I paid less than I would have paid for these figures individually. So I pretend that I win.

First off is the Judoon Captain, also known as the Rhino guy. They were featured in Season 3 and made a quick cameo in Season 4. A very short Cameo, but that apparently was enough to mean he counts as a Series 4 figure. Either way, I like the giant strict by-the-book police officer Rhinos. They aren't evil, or even malicious, but they're not exactly peaceful aliens. Plus a distinctive design. The only thing is that the joints were all very loose. I don't know if that's limited to these box sets, or if the original single figures had the same problem.

Sontaran General Staal. I was never a big fan of the Sontarans in the old series. They were kind of dull. But I admit I liked them in the new series. General Staal in particular was a fun character to watch. A cranky, doesn't understand irony, military commander with a melodramatic voice. He never got single carded in the States. You could only get him in a Sontaran Strategem 4 pack with Donna, a Sontaran Commander, and a helmeted Sontaran soldier.

It's a nice figure. The helmet comes off so he can either depict a faceless soldier or the General. Again, the joints are pretty loose. And there's some pretty noticable gaps where the joints should meet. But I'm satisfied with the figure. In fact it's made me consider getting more Sontarans. But you know what figure I know won't have any joint issues.

Baby Adipose. This thing is adorable.

See? The thing is just one solid piece of plastic. Tiny too. Normally I'd be railing about the lack of articulation, but look how small that thing is. No way you could get a good figure that small if you included appropriate articulation. But you know what would be better than 1 baby adipose? 25 baby Adipose.
Hilariously, these 25 guys were originally packaged on a bliste card together. Well originally they packaged 5 Baby Adipose with a 10th Doctor figure. They were the figure's accessory. But I guess they proved popular enough that they wanted to release some on their own. So what did they decide to give the people? 25 Adipose. It's sort of like an adorable accessories pack.

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