Friday, October 22, 2010

Lockjaw & Psylocke

Could there be a more incongruent pairing of minimates?

Lockjaw is the giant pet dog of the Inhumans, aliens with superpowers from the moon. Lockjaw can teleport over incredible distances, and perhaps even through dimensions. He hangs out with the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four.

Psylocke is a British mutant whose mind was put into the body of a Japanese Assasin. She is one of the X-men and Captain Britain's twin Sister.
Actually this minimate is of Psylocke back when she was a British white woman, before the well known Japanese woman wearing a bathing suit period. This is back when she was moderately dressed (she got her desire to wear more scandalous outfits from parts of the Japanese woman's mind that were left over, also brainwashing) and didn't really have any fighting skills aside from the telepathy.

Lockjaw is a giant dog with a tuning fork in his forehead.

This 2-pack was a Toys R Us Exclusive. I wasn't even certain I wanted it, but I figured what the heck. Black Bolt needs a doggy.

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