Thursday, October 7, 2010

Silver Nemesis Cyberleader & Cybermen

Silver Nemesis was a story in the 25th year of Doctor Who and served as the annivesary story. (Silver Anniversary, get it?) In it a bunch of different factions all fight for the Nemesis, Time Lord weapon of ultimate power. So you had the Doctor fighting neo-nazis, a 17th century sorceress who cast a spell to take her to the future, and as the big surprise cliffhanger of episode 1: Cybermen.

Interesting point, the original plot of Silver Nemesis would have revealed that the Doctor was actually God. But they decided not to go with that.

But yeah, the Cybermen. As with all Cybermen appearances, they made a few modifications from their last story. Not a lot of changes, their budget wasn't too impressive by this point, but a few. And again Character Options (and their US counterpart Underground Toys) do a bang up job of representing the new look.

Actually my only real gripe is that their blasters, while show accurate, aren't designed to fit in their hands. The hand grip sculpts are to wide and so the blasters just slip out of their hands. (It was a problem on the show too. A lot of the Cyberment looked like they were holding babies most of the time since the blasters were essentially planks.)

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