Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Master & Axon

So here are the villains from the Doctor Who episode "The Claws of Axos." In it the Axons appear as Gold Skinned Gods, here to help the Earth. Unfortunately the British officials never saw the Twilight Zone or they'd know never trust aliens promising you prosperity for nothing in exchange. Because in truth the Axons really looked like this and had evil in mind. Oh, and the Master was there too because it was the SEASON OF THE MASTER. In his first season the Master appeared in every story.

I'm shocked how much articulation the Axon has. A Ball & hinge joint for the shoulders and hips. Cut joints at the feet, wrists, neck and torso. And it's one huge hunk of plastic. It's pretty awesome.

The master is good, almost great, but the one I got has a problem in the paint. Specifically that black blob on his lower lip. Fortunately, if you don't look at it too hard it just looks like part of his goatee, but no, dude isn't supposed to have any hair on his lower lip. I can't stare too long or I get irritated.

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  1. Well I missed this one but I can help you with the figure of the Master: He did indeed have a black patch of hair below his lower lip, mate XD

    BTW, that Axon, interestingly enough can easily coma apart. It's because that was originally going to be the build-a-figure pack in for the series 2 of Doctor Who Classics but when people got angry about the build-a-figure thing it was released like this but they still used the build-a-figure molds allowing you to take it apart and put it together easily. If you pop his head off you can see additional sculpting on the neck joint that would only be visible if you took it apart. :D