Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cable & X-23

90's era Cable (Retro X-Force) and X-23 (Modern X-Force). Yes, the X-force theme ties them together (they should have included a Doop minimate) but even more accurately, they're both characters which are completely in concept. X-23 is the teenage female clone of Wolverine who has problems struggling with her humanity and at one time was a prostitute who didn't have sex with people. Cable is a big cyborg with a gun. Eventually Marvel decided he should also be Cyclops son from the future. But originally the entire concept of him was that he was a Cyborg with a gun and a glowing eye. Oh, and tiny feet. And 1,000 pouches that didn't store anything.

Oh Rob Liefeld, you scamp. Will your characters ever not be the subject of ridicule?

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